Liz Ainge - Space and Place Lead


I lead on all things Space and Place at East Street Arts, that includes our national Space for Artists workspace programme and our placemaking consultancy and advocacy work.

I love having a role that influences the ways our cities and towns are developed through culture. Taking inspiration from the cities of Europe where culture, housing, social spaces and hospitality co-exist I hope to bring some of that influence to UK places and have a hand in building healthy, vibrant towns and cities for years to come. 

Before I came to East Street my career focussed on managing art spaces, running festivals and events and freelance graphic design gigs. I spent a good few years programming cinema and sound events and travelling Europe collaborating with creatives producing DIY gigs and screenings – that was the life. 

Outside of work I love cycling, running and lots and lots of music! I’d love to cycle to France one day and I’m hoping to complete my first half-marathon in 2021 – yes kids this is your late 30’s.

Current Playlist:


  • Tripping with Nils Frahm – Nils Frahm
  • Febueder – Tomalin Has Etched In
  • Animalia – Mammal Hands
  • Loma – Don’t Shy Away
  • Love and Hate in a Different Time – Gabriels
  • Luke Vibert presents Rave Hop – Luke Vibert
  • Hologram – Logistics 


  • Queen and Slim 
  • Goodtime 
  • Portrait of a Lady of Fire