Financial Sustainability & Alternative Income-Streams

Our research has shown that most artist-led studio spaces in the UK have operated within precarious financial structures at some point.

This precarity has only intensified during COVID-19. Alongside this, a need to look at alternative income streams to support the organisational model and future planning has been key to sustainability for artist-led spaces. This session will explore these avenues with a range of organisations that have successfully developed robust income to underpin their work by sharing their experiences.

This can sometimes take the shape of innovative programming, a food and beverage offer or the sales from artist editions. This session, featuring guest speakers South Square Centre, The Royal Standard and Spike Island, will explore these avenues and more to encourage sustainability.

 Questions we will consider;

  • How much do these additional offers support the economic growth of the studio?
  • What learning opportunities can we take from corporate business models in sustainable growth
  • Who benefits from this additional offer in the long term?

Speakers: South Square, Royal Standard and Spike Island.

Platform: Guild Conversations 2021 is being hosted in The Hall, UP Projects digital participation space. The Hall hosts events and workshops enabling people to meet, collaborate and engage more easily online.

East Street Arts are delighted that this series of Guild Conversations is being hosted in The Hall – as the core principles of the space correspond directly with Guild Conversations priorities of inclusive collaboration and genuinely participatory events.

Tickets are free and available via the Eventbrite link below:

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