Special Preview: Colour Folds and Other Things by Andrea Thoma

Join artist and researcher Andrea Thoma for a special preview of her upcoming exhibition Colour Folds and Other Things: the Painted, Photographed and Filmed.

Taking place from 6-8pm on 13th July 2022, you can join Andrea in the Project Space at East Street Arts for an exhibition of her work including painting, film and photography.

Andrea is an artist and researcher concerned with place and nomadic dwelling in the context of contemporary art. She is also a studio holder at Barkston House, one of our permanent studio spaces in Leeds.

Andrea is particularly interested in the juxtaposition of diverse media and how this reflects on aspects of image making and the exploration of a differentiated time-space relation. Her practice is concerned with durational multiplicity and image perception in painting, photography and audio-visual installations.

The exhibition will also be open to public viewing from 14th – 20th July 2022, 4-7pm.

Discover more about Andrea’s work on her website here.

Andrea will also be hosting a special conversation on abstraction in contemporary painting with lecturer, artist and musician Kevin Laycock on the 20th July 2022. Find out more about here.

Photo credit: Hannah Platt

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