Social Architecture, Place Making & Redevelopment

This discussion will look at the roles studio providers can play in the redevelopment of urban landscapes, focusing on the intersection between city planning and cultural organisations/projects (e.g. Heritage Action Zone, City of Culture and Creative People and Places).

Our speakers will interrogate the roles their spaces have engaged with social architecture, communal/artist-led living, and how they’ve avoided ‘art washing or complicity in gentrification with the overall aim to contribute to building a more cohesive and engaged locality.

Questions we will consider; 

  • How can we ensure artists are supported in the redevelopment of their local landscape?
  • How do we build and nurture an organic creative community?
  • How can geographical history and storytelling become part of our reimagined architecture?

Platform: Guild Conversations 2021 is being hosted in The Hall, UP Projects digital participation space. The Hall hosts events and workshops enabling people to meet, collaborate and engage more easily online.

East Street Arts are delighted that this series of Guild Conversations is being hosted in The Hall – as the core principles of the space correspond directly with Guild Conversations priorities of inclusive collaboration and genuinely participatory events.

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