Artist-Led Spaces : Question Time

We invite audience members to ask questions to our panel of Studio/Artist-led Space founders, managers and coordinators – covering anything from feasibility studies to capital projects, maintenance and day to day management, finance, how to foster a creative environment and provide artist support within studio models. 

That list isn’t comprehensive – we welcome anything else in between, or things we might not have even thought about. This session is aimed at artist-led initiatives either looking to set up and develop a space, or at a critical point of growth or reflection in their projects. We welcome this range of experience levels to ensure that peer exchange and non hierarchical knowledge sharing can be at the core of a practical and insightful discussion.

Platform: Guild Conversations 2021 is being hosted in The Hall, UP Projects digital participation space. The Hall hosts events and workshops enabling people to meet, collaborate and engage more easily online.

East Street Arts are delighted that this series of Guild Conversations is being hosted in The Hall – as the core principles of the space correspond directly with Guild Conversations priorities of inclusive collaboration and genuinely participatory events.

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