Artist Spaces and Inclusive Residency Models

COVID-19 and Brexit have led the artist-led sector to think more deeply about artist support, particularly on how residency opportunities can develop more accessible and inclusive models (such as studio swaps and peer exchange).

With a shift towards online residencies, this discussion will interrogate how these online opportunities have been more accessible and valuable to a broader group of artists. We will examine what physical residencies can learn from the flexibility and autonomy given to participants of online residencies and artist support models. We will also look into how digital residencies can maintain the tangibility and connectivity of physical residencies. Guild Conversations aims to create necessary discussion around artist support structures more broadly by looking at how artist-led spaces can develop these models. 

Questions we will ask; 

  • What level of resources should we attach to a residency programme?
  • How do we ensure residencies are marketed to a broader and more representative audience?
  • Are studio swaps good for alternative world views?  

Platform: Guild Conversations 2021 is being hosted in The Hall, UP Projects digital participation space. The Hall hosts events and workshops enabling people to meet, collaborate and engage more easily online.

East Street Arts are delighted that this series of Guild Conversations is being hosted in The Hall – as the core principles of the space correspond directly with Guild Conversations priorities of inclusive collaboration and genuinely participatory events. 

Book your place via the Eventbrite link below:

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