Artist-Led Spaces and the Climate Emergency

We are now in a climate and ecological emergency, and whilst artist spaces probably contribute to that in a very minor way compared to multinational corporations, it is still something the artist-led sector needs to consider urgently.

This discussion will look at how the artist-led sector can share learnings and actions with each other to ensure a consistent and impactful approach. We will consider how climate emergency will disproportionately impact already disenfranchised communities and how the artist-led sector must consider this when planning how to support their localities as part of their long-term approach. Alongside this, panellists will look at ways to address the climate emergency through monitoring, evaluation and policy, developing a shared language of carbon literacy and what environmental studio models look like. To provide a practical framework for the sector to address what it must do next.

This session will include the opportunity for participants to submit questions to our panellists alongside presentations and discussions.

We invite current studio providers in the UK, and the artist-led sector more broadly, who would like to be more involved in this discussion or change-making.

Platform: Guild Conversations 2021 is being hosted in The Hall, UP Projects digital participation space. The Hall hosts events and workshops enabling people to meet, collaborate and engage more easily online.

East Street Arts are delighted that this series of Guild Conversations is being hosted in The Hall – as the core principles of the space correspond directly with Guild Conversations priorities of inclusive collaboration and genuinely participatory events.

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