An Introduction to Governance with Emma Beverley

Guild Conversations is a programme of workshops, talks, webinars, and facilitated conversations programmed by East Street Arts. Firstly the programme aims to equip the artist-led sector with tools and resources by connecting them with artists and arts facilitators.

Emma Beverley

Co-director at East Street Arts.

Emma Beverley is Co-director at East Street Arts. In this session above all she’ll be providing a bit of a 101 on governance.

Emma’s experience comes from being a Trustee, building boards for artists and organisations she is working for, and supporting individuals to think about how they can set up a support infrastructure around them.

However, building boards, steering groups, or other support networks can be challenging and we hope by the end of this session, you’ll have a sense of what you need from a governance structure, why good governance is helpful rather than a hindrance, and how you can start looking for the right people.

In particular, if you’re starting from scratch, thinking about how to change what you already have in place, or want a bit of a refresher on different models then this session might help.

The workshop will take place Friday 30 October, 10 am – 11 am.

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