Temporary Space

Temporary space for artists, arts organisations and charities across the UK.


We offer a range of temporary workspace for artists, collectives, arts organisations and charities, nationwide.

These temporary spaces are predominantly in former retail or office units where the landlord is struggling to find a commercial tenant. While they are searching for the right tenant we take on a meanwhile lease and work with local artists to put the space to positive use.

A key point to be aware of before taking on a temporary space is that we can be given a 30-day notice to vacate at any stage, although in practice we often end up being there for a few months and in some cases, years!

Our meanwhile spaces provide; affordable studio, rehearsal and project spaces that allow for experimentation in ways that might not be suitable in a standard studio environment. They offer incubator options for new projects with low overheads, limited financial risk, and provide an alternative workspace for artists that may otherwise struggle to meet market value rents.

We are particularly interested in working with artists who engage with the local community; we’re committed to working with artists of all backgrounds, ages, levels, and progressions within their artistic practice.

The spaces come with varied facilities, for example, WiFi and heating are rare but this is reflected in the cost meaning they come at incredibly affordable rates per square foot. Since we began working in meanwhile space over a decade ago we’ve occupied over 500 buildings and supported over 2,000 artists to do great things.

Interested in our temporary spaces?
Please contact one of the spaces team on spaces@esamail.org.uk