The Uncultured - OPEN DOORS

The Real Cost of Artist Led Spaces

Guild are delighted to announce that The Uncultured will be collaborating with us on one of our flagship Guild Campaigns…

OPEN DOORS: The Real Cost of Artist Led Spaces.

A collaborative campaign to understand the barriers that artist-led spaces face in achieving and maintaining sustainability, Open Doors will focus on gaining a deeper understanding of the labour hours and associated costs to individuals that ensures the running of these spaces, as a vital part of the arts ecology.

About the Uncultured:

As a collaboration between Ash Bowmott and Laura Sweeney, The Uncultured primarily works with performance and live artists (although they see disciplinary boundaries as porous and unfixed) whose identity, voice, and political status challenges cultural “norms”. The artists they work with push boundaries, creating genre-breaking, world-shifting arts practices.

The Uncultured’s projects reject traditional definitions of taste, culture and art in order to create a space for social change. Putting artist development at the core of their practice, they believe that sustainability is in crisis and needs to be attended to by everyone in the sector. They are champions for better, more equitable working conditions in the arts and support others to speak up too.

Their website and social media provide a vital and responsive set of resources for artists, particularly around fundraising.

Check it out here:
WEB / SOCIALS: @ _theuncultured_

About Ashleigh Bowmott (she/her):

Ash is an arts producer and facilitator who has made a purposeful choice to integrate the politics and practicalities of work and life. She combines work as an artist, curator, producer and educator as a vehicle for developing methodologies of care and resistance.
She has a PhD in collaborative artistic practices, which considers the intersectionality of creating artworks between peoples, species and levels of sentience.
Ash has delivered talks, workshops and artworks worldwide.

About Laura Sweeney (she/her)

Laura is a creative producer and facilitator with a focus on creating strategies for new work, infrastructure and sustainability, with artist development at the core. She works with artists in a holistic way, ensuring that care is embedded in their shared practice.

Until January 2021, Laura was Deputy Chair of the Board for Home Live Art. Throughout 2019-20, she was part of the British Council GENERATE programme that connected UK and US producers, curators and programmers. She was also a recipient of a Jerwood bursary to focus on training opportunities.

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