Nwando Ebizie

Nwando is producing a new multi-sensory installation inspired by ritual, biophilia, neuro-divergent design, and indigenous technologies.

Extreme Unction Vol.2

Extreme Unction Vol.2 is part of the Season for Change programme, ‘The Space Between’. All at once a sonic installation, instrument, performance, and healing space. As part of designing and building the installation, there’ll be workshops on sustainable architectural practices, DIY ritual packs, and special performance events.

The audience experience will be a multisensory ritual. Together with architect / designer Bethany Wells, Nwando will design and build a portable piece of speculative architecture (a miniature hamam) that functions as an installation, instrument, performance space, and communal bathing space. Nwando will also complete a 30-minute piece of sound art that responds to the design challenges and creates a multisensory environment.

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