Past Show: What A Drag @ Live Art Bistro, 2015

To celebrate the British Art Show in 2015, East Street Arts instigated the Queen of all parties with What A Drag!

Over a 12-hour period (6am to 6pm), on 8th October 2015, Live Art Bistro was consumed by a tirade of antics, the fanciest of fancy dress, bizarre party games, interventions like no other, crazy super-sound DJs and, of course, performances, and we mean “performances”.


Truly unforgettable for anyone in attendance (despite the city of Leeds needing a week to recover), What A Drag was unbelievable, hilarious and outright fantastical! Who was likely to forget members of Leeds City Council slipping into wedding dresses, top curators recklessly shaking booty on the dancefloor, Space Hopper races for artists, cardboard Darth Vader enforcing the party and Cocktail cages?

Completely immersive What A Drag featured thousands of fancy dress items creating the carnival atmosphere as top DJs (DJ Dorotop, Harry K) and excellent cabaret acts (The Lipsinkers (RVT), Vanity Project, Cassandra Mary Canary) provided the entertainment alongside a range of sideshows, party games and GLITTER (so much glitter!) – no words quite do it justice.

Take a glimpse at the shenanigans for yourself:

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