Past Show: Pretty by The Fanny Collective @ Art Hostel

Coinciding with International Women’s Day 2017, Leeds’ The Fanny Collective launched Pretty an exhibition exploring the harsher end of anti-feminist ideas as gender politics becomes more divided.

Presenting work from Pip Hibbert, Gev Barton, Georgia Miller, Zoe Buckberry and Suki Penrose Britton took over the Art Hostel, in Kirkgate, Leeds between 8th and 13th March 2017, with a launch event on the 8th.


Pretty contained stark and challenging imagery raising questions on gender with a strong feminist message. But the collective explains it best:

“Our work is not necessarily ‘pretty’ and we do not use this word lightly. We chose to name our show this to subvert its meaning, so that it applies to the contemporary woman.

Feminism is not a new thing. But that does not mean we are finished with it. Feminism should work to remove the barriers of all forms of gender-based discrimination, to all self-identifying women as well as non-binary folk, and to recognize its intersections with other forms of oppression (such as race or class). 


“In this fourth wave of feminism, ideas are striving towards genuine equality and smashing the patriarchy. But we’ve still got a long way to go. Being a woman is about having the power to make choices, for everyone who identifies as a woman.

“Although it is now much more widely accepted to be a feminist, we’re facing harsher and louder anti-feminist ideas as gender politics are becoming more divided.”


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