Past show: Island Life by Tim Smith @ Union 105, Leeds

Over a decade, photographer Tim Smith documented his travels back to his childhood home of Barbados, and other Carribean places, displaying his images at Union 105, Leeds in August 2017.

The ‘Island Life’ collection displayed at Union 105, showed highlights from Tim’s travels as well as rare pictures of everyday life in the Caribbean during the 1950s and 1960s taken by his father Derek.

The exhibition used the theme of carnival to explore life in the Caribbean, and the region’s relationship with Leeds.


Looking forward to the 50th anniversary of Leeds West Indian Carnival ‘Island Life’ showed Leeds fusion of traditions, African, European, Asian and Amerindian and celebrated through carnival by communities in both the Caribbean and Britain.

The Caribbean’s multicultural history has shaped a unique set of regional identities, as well as giving birth to Caribbean festivals, music and masquerade in the city.

Tim also spent six months working alongside other artists in Leeds, visiting local people and places to explore different experiences of carnival, as well as talking about everyday life in both Britain and the Caribbean. Some of the stories and pictures collected were then used as part of a larger exhibition shown at Leeds Central Library in the summer of 2018.



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