Past show: Inflated Space by James Thompson @ Patrick Studios

In March 2017, East Street Arts studio holder James Thompson brought his work Inflated Space III to a week-long residency at Patrick Studios.

Using fragments of buildings re-constructed from plans of the secret Kelvedon Hatch Nuclear Bunker in Essex, which would have been used to run the country from in the event of a nuclear attack during the Cold War, it was re-made in clear polythene and inflated using air extracted from the artist’s studio.

James Thompson’s work deals with the perception of space and its interpretation, working across physical and digital media using pre-existing spatial situations as the starting point recorded and re-interpreted to construct new multi-dimensional experiences of reality.


Graduating from the Royal College of Art in 2012, he worked on group exhibitions including, Social Interaction el Matadero Madrid; RCA Paradise Milan; Information in Style at CAFAA Art Museum Beijing; Light Reflections at Mint Gallery London; Atemporaneo A Palazzo Gallery Brescia; Örnsbergsauktionen Stockholm and film screenings at the Whitechapel Gallery London, KARST Plymouth and Merchant City Festival, Glasgow. His Artist-in-residences include, Cove Park in 2014 and Hospitalfield Arts in 2015.

Jamie’s solo exhibitions include, Expanding Spaces at Marsden Woo Gallery in London, recorded from a confinement cell at High Royds Psychiatric Hospital, West Yorkshire over a 95 day period. 


To see more of James’ work, visit:

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