The Mabgate, Burmantofts and Lincoln Green Zine

We worked with artists Kat and Dahab to create two neighbourhood zines for the Mabgate, Burmantofts and Lincoln Green areas of Leeds.

Over recent months we have co-created two neighbourhood zines with local artists Kat and Dahab and asked the communities within Lincoln Green, Mabgate, and Burmantofts to contribute.

These are zines by and for the people, we want to celebrate the area and share your stories, knowledge, creations, ideas, and amplify your voice. As well as share useful information, recipes, and vouchers and enable us to learn from our neighbours and community.

These zines have been developed as part of our neighbourhood plan project, as an organisation based in the heart of this community, we think it is important for everyone to have a say in the future of the places they live and work. By creating a neighbourhood plan for this area of the city and engaging and empowering members of the community, and we will do this through art and culture, as we feel creativity is one of the best tools for change and a good way to meet new people.

Our recent zines are available to read below.

Get in touch

There are over 75 languages spoken in the area, we have created some translated versions of zine 01 in Kurdish Sorani, Tigrinyan and Arabic. We will also have video audio translations available in English, Kurdish Sorani, Polish and Romanian below.

Please get in touch via the email below if you would like a translated copy. If you think that the community would benefit from future zines being translated into any other languages please let us know.

Translated versions of zine 02 will be available soon, please watch this space.

Additionally, if you would like to sign up to be a contributor of future zines or receive a copy of our brand new Zine, or just generally be added to our mailing list to find out more about the Neighbourhood Plan then please do get in touch:

Contact Kat and Dahab

Thank you to our contributors for Zine 01

We’d like to thank everyone involved in creating our first neighbourhood zine.

  • Ruth Gerbal – Cover artist
  • Karina Kruk – Artist feature
  • Scotty Bell and Marie Park -Richmond Hill and Burmantofts Newsletter
  • Emma and Mafwa Theatre – Recipe contribution
  • Marlene Barbera Olivier – Postcard artist
  • Marylin Spellman – Postcard artist

A big thank you to everyone who took part in our recent gift exchange, Mafwa Theatre and Leeds Refuge Forum.

Thank you to our contributors for Zine 02
  • Karina Kruck – Zine Designer
  • Marilyn Spellman – Cover Artist
  • Pauline Alexis – Gardening article
  • Amanda Sowerby – Leeds Bike Mill/Pedallers’ Arms
  • Bashdar Sleman -Kurdish New Year feature
  • Noksha Ahmed – Kurdish New Year feature images
  • Farhiya Hussein Hersi – Recipe contribution
  • Dawn Smallwood – Oxton fields feature and art

And a big thank you to our forum members and zine sub-group.

Zine boxes

If you’d like to pick up a physical copy of Zine 02, we have some custom made zine boxes in several places in the community.

Zines are free and can be found at:

St. Vincent’s charity shop in Lincoln Green Square

Best In Fraser Street

Emmaus St Mary’s lane.
St Mary’s St, Leeds LS9 7DP


Need a translation? Grab your copy of the Zine 01 and listen while you flick through the pages, or watch this video for a fully virtual zine:

Translations of Zine 02 will be available soon, watch this space.

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