Say hello to Kat and Dahab

In February 2020 we asked two artists, Kat and Dahab from Our Space to lead on recruiting a Neighbourhood Forum by creating a series of activities, events and opportunities.

The activities, events and opportunities are chance for people who live and work in the neighbourhood to learn about the plan and get involved.

Our Space are an artist duo based in Leeds who make art, community events and workshops that centre QTIPoC (queer, trans intersex people of colour) and marginalised groups.

As long term Leeds residents, Kat and Dahab want to work with local people to develop a Neighbourhood Plan that centres the voices of residents with creativity at its core. They will create caring, connected and productive spaces that every member of the community can enter and collaborate in.

The vibrant history and strong community of Lincoln Green, Burmantofts and Mabgate are central to this Neighbourhood Plan and Our Space will be working with residents to create a Neighbourhood Forum. The forum will be a group of local residents who can channel the community’s needs and work together to ensure the neighbourhood gets the right type of development, in the right place.

As COVID-19 has created a sudden and enormous change in how we are currently able to communicate and live, our Neighbourhood Plan will be responsive and focus on how our community can continue to make a change, help each other and positively contribute to the area without having to occupy physical space. We will find exciting ways to uplift, embrace and celebrate each other – from a distance!

If you’d like to speak to Kat and Dahab or find out more about their plans, you can go to our Neighbourhood Forum page or contact them by email

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